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  1. Jean Ayacko

    I don't see anything wrong with the red dress…The red dress and the tan dress are exactly the same length…but the tan dress is acceptable? Mmhhh

    1. I PoppaDoc

      Only thing I can think of bout the red dress is the showing of the shoulders. Most people (guys lol) interpret a woman baring her shoulders as showing sex appeal.

    2. Jean Ayacko

      That's funny to learn. So are women supposed to cover up their shoulders even in this hot Texan summer? LOL smh. The leopard dress in the video looks inappropriate for church but I would wear that red dress to church…

    3. Ajiambo Sifuna

      The woman in the tan dress is long and skinnier, the red dress woman is voluptuous…thats the difference. Funnily, last time I was in Houston and went to church, the friend I was with insisted that I cover my shoulders. To this day, I don't get that. He was serious I had to cover up and Houston is burning…if men in the church are weakened by shoulders, we are in trouble!

  2. Bless Na Stress

    Rend your heart not your garments…some of these women dressing like this eventually after the holy spirit reaches out to them they shall eventually change to modest apparel eventually we were once there. pray beams out our eyes…some people today in tight pants etc so we pray n pray n pray.

  3. Ann Duffy-Wilson

    Red dress is not suitable for church. Christ loving people are humble and respectful. It's not coming to church just to be seen but to worship. If you wear a dress to church that shows what's between your legs when you sit….Find another dress. The red dress it okay for a club. The white napkins over their laps speaks volumes.

  4. Rachael Absolam

    the tan dress has sleeves smh, what if thats all she has to put on is that the message we are sending to ppl that u have to have it all together before we can come to christ hummmm doh want to be in that church…..

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