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Are You Serious: Coach Bag Song for Jesus

Do You Have It Going On In The Lord?

I got my coach bag on, in the lord you know I got it going on.
I have to praise him everyday, I’m pressing on and I got to stay saved.

What do you think?

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  1. Yes I do!!! I didn’t have it going on before I got saved!!! But now!! I got it going on in the Lord!! He cleaned me up!!! And gave me great things!!!

  2. i love it!!! the message is awesome, i can be the fashionista i am and still be living the life that God has for me, why not serve a King that owns everything, the more i seek after Him the more His prosperity follows

  3. No matter what I have, if I can’t praise God and stay focused on Him, All of those things are really worthless. I don’t see the humor in this God song.

    • The humor in the song is that a bag or a name brand shouldn’t be glorified especially sounding like this. It’s more like a sad humor because they are actually serious. Lol.

  4. we, as a collective people, under God, need to realize that she is praising her FAY-VUH-RITE coach bag more than she is God in the song… it’s like on showtime at the apollo when ppl performers expected to not get booed just because they threw “God” or “Praise Him” in their song. if you’re bad or the song is wack… it’s bad … or wack lol

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