• Anita

    I love it! Rob J is just what Gospel needs! Great song, great music video! I love, love, love it!

  • admin

    Do you really mean that Anita?

    • ANITA

      Why would you ask if I really meant that? And yes I did. Do you not like the sog ADMIN?

      • ANITA

        Typo…sog should be “song”.

        • Pastor L. Ohwell

          i believe it’s a joke song thats why i asked.

          • ANITA

            The video is offers some jokes. But the song offers a YOUTHFUL praise. People who may like this may never listen to other more tradtional Gospel or Christian songs.

  • Mi Sun

    All of my soul shall magnify the Lord, but when it hear this it had to drop on the floor…laughing. I can’t. I can barely type…BAHA HA HA HA HA.